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About Terrae Company

We are like our cars. We don't enjoy staying in one place, we love pushing forward.

From the moment we started the company, to this day, there are 17 years of devoted work. Not just by one person or several associates, but the whole Tarrae team that besides employees includes all family members. All of them are “pushing the pedal” towards growth and development of our family business.

Everything started with 4 cars for taxi services, and the need to constantly improve. This led to 80 cars which we have in our fleet today while offering rent a car and taxi excursion services as well.

When we got hybrid vehicles for taxi services, many were skeptical, but today we are recognized by these vehicles that protect the nature of our community. When no one expected it, our vehicles had a free WiFi signal, which is most appreciated by our passengers who only just landed in Montenegro. Perhaps it seemed unnecessary when we introduced attractive convertible vehicles, but driving them on the Montenegrin coast is an experience that puts a smile on the face of our customers.

You may notice that we are, in a way, like our cars. We don’t like standing in the place, we love to move, push boundaries and create new experiences. That inner, human drive, is the “engine” that pulls our family business forward!

What makes us happy?

Familiar faces. In other words, when we see a familiar face on the front door, a customer who has already used our services, and came back again. It's always an indication that we did a good job. When we see for ourselves our customers' positive impressions, a recognition that we simply made someone happy. It is a moment that makes us happy in turn.


Our goal for 2024.

In 2024, we want to keep our growth. Achieving this growth, we would be able to slightly increase the fleet and further diversify it for the next year. Also, 2024 will mark the launching of our electric taxi cars, which we believe will be recognized as new revolution in taxi business in Budva.