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Budva taxi app for android

The easiest way to get a taxi in Budva


With our free taxi application for smartphones, we have enabled the most simple and free way of getting a taxi anywhere in Budva and near places. Moreover, when requesting a taxi, even if you don’t know the exact address on which you are located, the app will recognize where you are on the map. Then, all you have to do is click on the “call” button and the vehicle will be on its way to you. Simple as that.


1 Download the taxi app


First, you need to download the free “Terrae-taxi Budva” application for Android or iOS.





2 Launching the app


When launching the app, you will be asked to confirm access to your location. Please, confirm this access so that the app can figure out where you are located, and therefore send the taxi to your exact address.


3 Calling the taxi


Once you have launched the app and confirmed access to your location, you are all set to call a taxi. Just one click on the "Call Taxi" button, we will confirm your request and send the vehicle to you.

Additionally, if you have any reminder for us before calling the taxi, you will be able to type your comment into an optional text box. For example, you might want to indicate your name. If you are in a crowded location, someone could take your taxi not knowing it is reserved for you. But if you type in your name when calling a taxi, the driver will know your name, and he will only drive the person who says the correct name. Something like your secret code. To make this even more simple, through our app you will be able to monitor the car as it is approaching you. Plus, we will send you an estimation of taxi arrival time.  

Benefits of using the Taxi app


Guided by constant improvement, we were the first to introduce the smartphone app for the taxi in Budva. Thus enabling the free and simple way of getting a taxi. Our goal with this application is to solve two actual and frequent problems that visitors of Budva have.


Paying too much for a taxi in Budva


As passengers, why do we sometimes end up paying an unrealistic price for a taxi ride? Unfortunately, when we come to a new city, we don’t know how to spot a reliable taxi driver from other ones. In Budva, there are over 500 taxi cars. In such a small town, sometimes it is quite difficult to choose those taxi drivers who have ethical standards.

If you are not informed, the only thing you can do is to evaluate the vehicle and driver as best as you can, hoping for a fair price and a pleasant ride.

Our application aims to bypass unreliable taxi drivers who charge absurd prices. In return, it connects you with the taxi company that has been in this business for 11 years. You don’t even have to choose Terrae-Taxi, but note that unlike many, we present our prices even on our website, guaranteeing same tariffs for everyone.


How to call a taxi to an unnamed street?


Another problem when calling a taxi in Budva is not knowing your address. Unfortunately, Budva has many streets that are not marked with numbers, and some are not even named. Moreover, in the peak of summer season, Budva has up to 100,000 visitors. In such a crowd, people often get into the first taxi passing by. Then we are back at the first problem: Driving with an unregistered taxi driver at an unreasonable price.

In order to solve this problem, the basis of our taxi application is GPS location. The app recognizes your location, you don’t even need to know where you are. Yet we're sending a taxi to you. So, download our app and "click" to a great taxi service with fair prices.


If you have additional questions, contact us, and we will get to you with a fast response.



See you in Budva!


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