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Car rental Montenegro


We are a rent a car company in Montenegro with 19 years of experience. Our success comes from one simple fact “Above all, we are car lovers”. This passion is channelled through professionalism by a second-generation family business, under the name of “Terrae car”.


9 reasons why our rent a car company is one of the best in Montenegro:



Things you need, to rent a car at Terrae-Car


You can choose and reserve a car in two ways:


After choosing your car, you only need 3 documents to rent it:

  1. Drivers license - so we can be sure you are a licensed driver

  2. Passport - for confirming your citizenship and identity

  3. Deposit (excess) - as our insurance for renting the car to you


Terrae-Car is by far a leader in Montenegro when it comes to the amount of deposit we take. Unlike most rental car companies, our deposits are very reasonable, while pay down can be done in cash. You don't even need a credit card.

In return, we will give you a voucher, containing information about our rental agreement. After the rental period, you will give us the voucher and the car, and we will give you back your deposit.


Rent a car prices in Montenegro


Rent car prices in Montenegro are changing quite often during the Summer months. This year, once more we have conducted thorough research to find out how competitive our rental prices are.

Therefore, we can conclude that for 2019, Terrae-Car is in the top 3 companies in Montenegro when it comes to competitive prices for car rentals.

During the past several years, we managed to achieve our goal of having one of the biggest and most diverse car parks, but now we are also able to offer rental cars at very competitive prices. Also, the fact that we had almost no complaints about the prices in the past couple of years, assures us that we are affordable to rent a car company. To find out more about what our clients think of our service, check out our Client Reviews page.





To us, you are not only a number but a person, driver, passenger.


That is why our rental service combines modern and traditional. You can hire any car easily through our booking engine and get complete information about cars, prices, insurances, procedures and much more. On the other hand, the personal contact we establish is above all friendly. We will listen and meet your needs when:


We rent cars, but we work with people


Professional car rental service is only made possible by our devoted team. The team will make sure you do not wait in line to rent a car or to be given car keys and left by yourself to find the car. We do not charge absurd amounts of money for small damages on the car, nor do we take big deposits for renting a car, moreover our deposit charge is for a fact the lowest in Montenegro.

Thank you for getting to know about our company. If there is any question unanswered, please visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us. Terrae team is here for you.



We wish you a wonderful vacation in Montenegro!