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Reserving a taxi in Budva

How to get a taxi in Budva?


Taxi in Budva is sometimes not easy to get, due to many visitors in the summer season. Also, visitors often stop the passing taxi vehicles, not knowing whether it is a registered driver or someone who works without a permit, and therefore has the ability to charge enormous amounts for even the shortest relation in Budva and to near places.

That's why, in Terrae-Taxi, we are focused on providing you with an easy way to get a taxi in Budva, by literally offering all means of communication that could suit you. In addition, our prices are clearly and accurately presented on this web page. Before you check out our prices, this is how you can get a taxi at Terrae-Taxi.


4 ways to get a taxi in Budva


  1. Message via WhatsApp or Viber at the phone number +382 67 17 88 88

  2. SMS message at the phone number +382 67 17 88 88

  3. By calling the phone numbers 19717 or +382 67 17 88 88

  4. By calling the free phone number 080 033 033 (for numbers from Montenegro)


Taxi price in Budva


Although taxi prices can be high in all major tourist centers, they are often highlighted by those examples of unregistered taxi drivers who charge an unreasonable price for even the short-distance relations. Our goal is to provide you with driving quality, simple ways of getting a taxi, and offer it all for a fair prices. So, you can know what you are paying for, and how much.

Price for Terrae-Taxi in Budva:


Out-of-Season, from October to May:

Start……………… 1.00 €

1 km……………… 1.50 €


In-Season, from May to October:

Start……………… 1.00 €

1 km……………… 1.80 €


These are our official prices for local taxi services in Budva for 2024. Guaranteed tariff for all our passengers, both locals and tourists.


Our taxi prices are precisely defined, while our vehicles are modern and reliable. However, keep in mind that the taxi service in Budva is a very unregulated area. There is no minimum and maximum price, so the price per kilometer varies from 0.50 € to 5.00 €. Also, the age of the vehicle which can be used for the purposes of taxi transport is not regulated, therefore very old cars can be found on the streets. In addition, there are about 100 unregistered taxi drivers in Budva, which are not subject to any regulation.

There are two things that are actually regulated. The color of the taxi vehicle and the number plate. This means that all registered taxi vehicles in Budva must be white, and within the number plate there has to be a “TX” mark. For example, a registered taxi driver will have: BD - TX 001 number plate, where BD indicates the city, Budva, and TX, indicates that this is a taxi vehicle. It is a practical way of recognizing legal taxi drivers.


Our taxi service is more than a good car


Yes, our standard taxi vehicle is Toyota Prius Hybrid models, equipped with free WiFi, but it is equally important to us that our passengers are in safe hands. Therefore, our drivers are carefully selected, which makes us very proud of the team.

In addition to high-quality vehicles, there is also something known as “a human touch”. For us, theculture and the skills of a driver should not be neglected, moreover, this is what makes good taxi service becomes great. But don’t just trust our word, feel free to check out comments by our passengers.

Other services


Our company is in business for 17 years. Our fleet comes with 75 vehicles and a wide range of car-related services:



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Terrae-Taxi wishes you safe travel and fantastic vacation in Budva!


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