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About Taxi in Montenegro

Practical tips for taxi services in Montenegro


We have channeled our 17 years of experience with taxi transfers in Montenegro into 5 essential tips on how to recognize a reliable taxi driver from whom you can expect a good price and a comfortable ride.But first, we want you to know that taxi services in Montenegro are very popular for two reasons: 


  1. Montenegro is a geographically small country, practical for exploring in whole.
  2. Montenegro is a touristic country because of all its natural beauties coming from sea, beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, bays, canyons and so on.


Hence, taxi services have developed in Montenegro, and, like in any other touristic country, there are those who do business not quite according to ethical standards when it comes to price and quality. It’s up to you to identify good taxi companies deliver a top-notch experience, and it is our pleasure to assist you with this decision.


5 essential tips when looking for a taxi in Montenegro


1. Find your taxi upfront


When planning a vacation, we tend to leave some things for the last moment, but when it comes to taxi and similar services, you can save money by doing a little search upfront. Moreover, the internet allows you to quickly learn about taxi companies in Montenegro.

Any serious taxi company should have a decent website. For you, this means an opportunity to find out more about the service, but more importantly, to see if the price fits your budget. So, take a few minutes, browse the internet, look what is offered and at what price.


2. When reserving a taxi, mention your name


If you are calling a taxi from a particularly busy location (possibly in some coastal cities in Montenegro) we recommend that you always make a reservation under your name and ask for the number of your taxi vehicles.

In crowded places, it may easily happen that someone else walks into your taxi, which would leave you waiting for no reason. But, when a driver knows your name, and you know a number of your taxi vehicle, then you are making sure that your reservation is definitely yours.

Also, for example, an unregistered taxi driver will often try to present as the one you called. Therefore, it is better to know the number of your taxi vehicle and wait for it. This way you will avoid driving with an unregistered driver for an unreasonable price.


3. Make sure you check out the price displayed in a taxi


Inside the vehicle of each registered taxi driver in Montenegro, there must be a clear price for both “start” and “per kilometer”. Otherwise, you are in the vehicle of an unregistered taxi driver and you risk paying more than you should.


We advise you not to pay for taxi more than 1 € for “start” and 1.5 € “per kilometer”.


4. Ask for a receipt


If you have ignored our previous tips and taken a ride with an unregistered taxi driver, you might find yourself in a situation when asked to pay more than you feel you should. What should you do in this case?

We advise you to ask for a receipt. There is a law in Montenegro by which you are not obliged to pay for any service or product for which you have not received a fiscal receipt. Use this right. Also, even if you pay without a receipt you can still write down the number plate of your driver and ask your contact in Montenegro to help you with filing a report.


5. Use your judgment


Finally, we advise you to rely on your instinct and judgment. If you haven’t informed yourself in advance and found the taxi company that suits your needs and budget, then rely on your logical judgment when choosing a taxi on the spot.

By asking these simple questions, with a bit of critical thinking, you will make a better choice and have a more affordable and pleasant ride.


These were our 5 tips for choosing a taxi company/driver in Montenegro. They are based on our 17 years of experience in providing taxi transfers, rent a car service and one-day taxi excursions. Now you are set to make a right decision when choosing a taxi in Montenegro. If you have questions for us, please visit FAQ page, or contact us.


Terrae-Taxi in Montenegro


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