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Rent a car in Budva


Our rent a car company was founded in Budva, where our headquarters are. Besides all of the attractions in this city, you have probably planned to visit beautiful small beaches around Budva, romantic restaurants with views over the sea, the wonderful Bay of Boka and much more. These are all ideal destinations for a road trip by car, and Terrae-Car offers you rent a car services for a memorable vacation.


We are a rent a car company in Budva known for:



2 simple steps when renting a car at our company

Choosing a car

You can pick your car in one of two ways:

  1. View and reserve a car through our web page, and we will deliver a car to you, wherever in Montenegro

  2. Visit our office in Budva, and choose a car on the spot


Renting a car

To rent a car you only need 3 documents:

  1. Passport - as a citizenship and identity confirmation
  2. Drivers license - proof of driving ability
  3. Deposit (excess) - our insurance during the rental period

• We are known for taking the lowest deposit for renting a car in Budva. Moreover, you can pay down the deposit in cash, without a credit card, and all for a very modest amount.


Our rent a car prices in Budva


Since price changes are quite often in rent a car industry. This year, we have done market research to get a clear view of our prices.

Based on the research, we can proudly say that Terrae-Car is one of 2 companies with most competitive prices for car rental, not only in Budva but in Montenegro, as well.

When we founded our rent a car company, our primary goal was a unique and big car fleet. But today, besides the variety of cars, we can offer competitive prices as well. We are constantly improving our services. To find out more about what our customers think of us, please check out our Clients Reviews page.






When to, and when not to, rent a car in Budva?



If you are arriving in Budva with an already made plan of all the places you want to visit, then you will probably rent a car right away. On the other hand, if you don't have an idea of places you want to visit, we advise you not to rent a car immediately. As a municipal, Budva has over 30 kilometres (19 miles) of coast full of beautiful beaches, restaurants, and other attractions ideal for exploring by car. But the town of Budva also has many popular locations which are at most, a 30-minute walk from you. So, “take a walk” first and afterwards think about renting a car.


After you have explored Budva on foot, now it is time to take it further away and rent a car?

Not yet, at least in our opinion. We advise you to consider a taxi first, and this is why.


If you are only interested in visiting beaches close to Budva, like Jaz, Becici, and Kamenovo, renting a car would be a waste of time and money. The popular beaches we mentioned are close to Budva, therefore taking a taxi would not be too expensive, and it would be more time effective since you wouldn't have to worry about finding a parking space.

Now, for those of you who do want to explore the whole Riviera of Budva and more, renting a car is an ideal option. By taking a taxi, you would end up paying more and having less flexibility than renting a car for a couple of days. Also, bus transportation isn't a decent alternative, since many busses are quite old, crowded and poorly air-conditioned. In the same time, temperatures can get as high as 103 Fahrenheit (45 Celsius)!


Before renting a car in Budva, make sure you ask these 4 questions:


  1. Whatinsurancesare you offering and are they included in the price?

  2. What amount of excess (deposit) do I have to leave by you? (These sums can go up to 1500 Euros for certain cars in some agencies)

  3. How old is the car and what was the time of the last service?

  4. Is my millage limited during the car rental period?

• At Terrae-Car we give unlimited mileage to all car rentals; complete insurance of both car and passengers. For a fact, we take the lowest deposit in Budva.


Our final advice when renting a car in Budva is to do it before your arrival. If possible, make sure you do this, especially if your vacation is in July or August. We advise this because Budva is a small town with 10.000 citizens, while in the Summer at some point there are around 100.000 tourists. Therefore, if you wait until you are already in Budva, you could find yourself without a car to rent. Due to high demand during the previously mentioned months.


Explore the Riviera of Budva in a convertible!


When in New York, you just have to take a ride on a subway and in the legendary Yellow Cab. In Budva, this would have to be a road trip in a convertible. If it is within your budget, we suggest you take a ride with the wind in your hair, and the blue sea in your eyesight while exploring our coast.

5 convertible cars on our car lot:



For any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page, or contact us. Terrae team is here for you.



We wish you a wonderful vacation in Budva!