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Beaches in Montenegro Blog

When we talk about beaches, we are talking about them as the gold of Montenegro. This golden sand that has been formed here for millenniums, has suffered countless weather conditions, and those rocks were thrown by the sea countless times to form such fine sand… This gold is invaluable for all of us in Montenegro. The variety of beaches on such little coastal area is absolutely amazing, all from white sand in Ulcinj, gold in the vicinity of Budva, gravel in Rezevici, stone and natural rocks on Lustica and in the Bay of Kotor.

During your stay on the Montenegrin coast, you will have a problem choosing beaches, because it is impossible to visit them all, even in a month. Perhaps they have the greatest beauty during May, June, September and October. In those months, it is not too crowded, especially on smaller and more hidden beaches where you can be completely alone. In July and August, there is a lot of beach furniture, which often covers them too much and thus affects their amazing natural beauty.

Let's not forget that in July and August we encounter extremely high temperatures almost every day, which can cause major burns and ruin your vacation, so we always call for attention. The beach is a place for relaxation and enjoyment, and during the high season it can be the opposite, so it is recommended to rest in the hotel from 11 am to 4 pm.

If you don't like crowds, the most beautiful thing you can prepare for yourself is to go swimming at dawn, around 5 am, and enjoy the heavenly sunrise, crystal clear and transparent water and silence (with a gentle sound of waves) that will make you feel the only one person in the world. And if you are a couple in love, a great recommendation is a late swim, ie after 8 p.m. Relax in the shallows at sunset in a million shades of red, yellow, orange and definitely with an icy exotic cocktail or fresh white wine. You will fly away to a new world that you have not experienced before… Continue the night on the same beach and swim until late hours while the sea and air temperatures are slightly equalize and you will remain in love forever. )

Given the large number of kilometers of beaches that Montenegro has, we are convinced that even the most discerning will find their ideal place. If you want a free swim - you will find it in abundance. If you want parties and music on the beach, you will find places modeled to Ibiza. If you want discretion you will find beaches where you will be one of the few guests. If you want nudist beaches - there are in almost all cities…

We will present all the beaches in Montenegro and it is up to you to choose and let us know which one is your favorite. We don't think you can go wrong with either.

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