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Drobni pijesak beach

{lg_Posted} 03.16.2021, {lg_by}

All you need to know about Drobni pijesak

Drobni pijesak beach

People say – „what is most hidden has the greatest value, even mysticism“. This beach is definitely one of the most hidden in Montenegro because it is located in the middle of nowhere, although it is extremely close to the two busiest tourist centers. What’s the most important about it is perfectly clear water (it has blue flag classification) thanks to bigger distance of nearby places. The variety of sand types is impressive, from the finest white and yellow sand through larger pebbles to huge rocks, depending on which zone of the beach you are in. Drobni pijesak beach is also known for the fact that old tradditional gatherings of the Paštrovići tribe were held right here and some most important questions and decisions were made there.


Drobni pijesak beach is located near Sveti Stefan, 12 km from Budva and 7 km from Petrovac, between these two cities. The beach is about 250 meters long. It is located in a natural environment, not yet usurped of construction and numerous hotels. It’s surrounded by olive trees and huge rocks that obscure the view on Budva and surrounding places. All you can see is blueness of the sea and the sky. There is also a spring of drinking water that flows into the sea and at that place the water is always a bit colder than a few meters away.


Within the beach, on a small hill between the rocks, there is a restaurant and a beach bar where you can take some refreshment with a beautiful view of the entire beach. There are also sunbeds that can be rented for 10€ to 15€ while car park is charged around 5€ per day. Of course, there are also changing cabins and showers. Not to mention, every beach in Montenegro has free space where you are not required to use sunbeds but enjoy simply on your towel.

How to get there:


  • By boat - just a few years ago, the beach Drobni Pijesak was reachable only by boat, so it remained a real pearl not usurped by human negligence. Even today, many people visit Drobni pijesak exclusively "from the sea side" because it is definitely the most beautiful and even the easiest way. Taxi boats do transfers from Budva and Petrovac several times a day, and the return is organized in the early evening. We are sure that there are no many great experiences and beauties that you can experience like this one on the way to the beach, and just for 5€ - 10€ per person.


  • By taxi - since the beach is extremely inaccessible from the mainland, everyone recommends that if you are a scary driver or if you do not have enough experience to take a taxi. It is also the second easiest way to get to this beach. Extremely steep terrain and a narrow road can become a real nightmare, especially when tourist crowds start in July and August and the road get blocked bz many cars. A ride from Budva to the beach Drobni Pijesak with our Terrae-taxi 19717 costs 10€ -13€ each way, depending on the period of year. If you drive with other taxi companies, be sure firstly to ask for the approximate price of transportation because there are unscrupulous drivers who could charge 2-4 times more then usuall cost. Another advantage is that you do not have to pay for car par, and if the parking lot is busy due to high visit you would have to leave the car on the highway and then walk about 500m, which is not recommended in the summer heat on such demanding terrain.


  • By car - whether you come with your own car or rent a car in our Terrae-car agency, pay close attention to safety. The road to the very turn to the beach is excellent, and it is the Adriatic highway Herceg Novi - Ulcinj, international mark M1. On the road between Budva and Petrovac, from both directions, you will come across the traffic sign "Drobni pijesak plaža" which shows the turn for the beach. From there, the demanding part starts, but with increased attention, getting to the beach will go smoothly. If there are free spaces in the parking lot, it is paid around 5€ per day.


  • By bus - The intercity line between Budva and Petrovac is active all day during the summer months. The carrier is Mediteran Express and the price of transportation per person is 2.5€. According to the official route the buses do not stop at this location, but you can mention it to the driver and he will be ok to stop. The biggest disadvantage is again that you have to walk 500m in one direction on extremely demanding terrain and the other is that the buses go the shortest every 2 hours, and the timetable varies depending on the time of year.



To enjoy, we have to make an effort, and we know that the Drobni pijesak deserves the effort. Perfect cleanliness of the sea, untouched surrounding nature and azure, facilities, uncluttered (even in the bussiest period) and the experience are something that sets this beach apart from others.
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