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Caffes and Nighlife Blog

Nightlife in Montenegro? Wow !!!! In the Balkans, among the younger population, if you mention nightlife, everybody automatically think of summer in Budva. Why? Because Budva is Miami of Balkans’! In Budva, party lasts 24 hours, it's just a matter of how much energy you have. ) Budva is the center of all events, the city with the largest number of cafes, beach parties and discos. More and more young people from all over the world come to Budva exclusively for socializing and fun. There is the same phrase for Budva, as they say for Las Vegas - "What happened in Budva stays in Budva."

Another reason why nightlife in Budva is so adored is that both sexes say you can't bring nicer and handsome / attractive guys / girls in one place. And to confirm that there are many celebrities who visit Montenegro, athletes, business people… Because when you are already in Budva one night you have to set aside for a party. For this reason, even intellectuals and artists comments have so many words of praise. Nightlife is not only related to Budva, but it’s also extremely popular throughout Montenegro, but of course it is not at this level as in Budva. Budva best followers are Kotor and Tivat, and they are on the "must" list for all visitors. If you don't love nightlife - don't worry. Clubs are uysually grouped in city centers and the music is strictly controlled on a daily basis, so peaceful walks by the sea and a light dinner are guaranteed. Also the music in the outdoor clubs starts at 10pm. So young people will enjoy with all their being and those a little older can enjoy their peace and relaxing vacation, fair to all.

The tradition of drinking coffee in Montenegro dates back to the time of the Turks and the Ottoman Empire. Under the 300-year reign of Turkey in the Balkans, many of their customs are rooted in everyday life of the Montenegrin people. One of them is – coffee drinking. And guess what is the most popular coffee in Montenegro? Well Turkish coffee of course. ) Most of Montenegrin families every day start with the sweetest ritual - Turkish Coffee Morning. Then during break on the work - coffee with a colleague in a nearby coffee shop can’t be skipped. At the end, after a hard day at work, coffee is being enjoyed again to restore energy for the rest of the day… The average Montenegrin drinks 3 coffees a day. Therefore, here in Montenegro we have cafes almost as many as inhabitants, coffee is absolutely everywhere. Quality is the highest as who don’t provide highest quality can simply ‘lock the door’. The average coffee price is 1.2 euros, which we must agree is almost funny price.

Our recommendation is to visit some of these carefully selected discos and cafes and experience our lifestyle at most.

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