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Restaurants in Montenegro Blog

According to all recent research, the cusine is a vital component of country tourist offer and is in line with natural landscapes, accommodation and climate. And it is logical, because when we are already enjoying a vacation in specific country why not enjoy it’s gastronomic treasures. The cuisine of Montenegro has an extremely long tradition that is still maintained today, and even more and more popular, despite modern trends. Tourists visiting Montenegro surely will try firstly traditional culinary specialties and secondly international specialties. So don't miss cheese from Njegusi and Njeguski prosciutto with olives from Bar and olive oil on homemade bread. If you are in the north of Montenegro do not forget to try ‘popara’ with homemade sour milk or ‘Priganice’ with honey for breakfast. For lunch ‘pecenje ispod saca’ if you like meat, or ‘homemade cheese pie’, ‘cicvara’ or ‘kacamak’. For dinner, grab some of the sweet specialties such as apple pie, strudel… The secret of traditional Montenegrin cuisine is in its extraordinary simplicity. In ancient times, there was a huge poverty in Montenegro and people lived only from agriculture and cattle breeding. There was hardly any money at all. Therefore, people made food exclusively from the ingredients they have in their farm. These meals were extremely poor but delicious and nutritious to withstand the hard physical work in the field and with the animals. In the coastal areas, people eat primarily fish dishes, so what you catch in the sea in the morning that is on the table later. Of course, both cattle breeding and agriculture were present in costal parts too. Back then, tourism in Montenegro didn't even exist. Today, all traditional dishes are relatively expensive if you look the cost of ingredients, but the art of making them is extremely appreciated. That is why we strongly recommend to visit some authentic restaurants and to taste and feel how people has been living here in Montenegro for centuries.

There are plenty of restaurants, the offer in them is great too, and food quality is getting better every year because of the increasingly rigorous controls. What sets our offer apart from what one average tourist is used to is - the price. As with shopping, prices in restaurants are in 90% of the cases set in relation to the standard of Montenegrin citizens, so that the ordinary citizen can often afford lunch for himself and his family. Considering that the average monthly salary in Montenegro is about 450 euros, we are sure that you will be impressed with prices in restaurants. Depending on the location, Beefsteak as one of the most expensive dishes, costs between 11 and 20 euros. In the most exclusive restaurants the price is around 25-30 euros. Another thing we are extremely proud of are the fish specialties. Fish is simply in the blood of the people on the coast, and fish specialties is the science they keep in their little finger. When it’s combined with fish of exceptional quality from the waters of the Adriatic Sea, your palate will experience such tastes and vibrations that you have not felt before.

Not every restaurant is specialized in all kinds of food. So here we will present you the best in their branches, and list all specialties that are best represented right there. A meal can be prepared in hundreds of ways and variations, but only one is ‘the right one’. )

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