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Montenegro wine and wine tours Blog

To visit Montenegro and not try its cuisine and wine is the same like not enjoying Montenegrin sea or mountains. Since we have already presented the cuisine under the chapter "Restaurants" we will be based solely on this Divine nectar. You have to love wine today, and saying "I don't drink wine" is absolutely unacceptable. Why? Because it has a beneficial effect on health and because there are so many variations of wine so that it’s impossible not to have your one that matches you and your taste. If you do not drink wine we are sure that you didn’t try hard enough to fall in love with it, and therefore did not find your choosen one. For every person in the world there is a soul mate, we claim that the same goes for wine. That is why we are convinced you will find your ideal wine for your holiday dinner and we will help you with that by providing careful selection of labels and detailed description.


Wine production in Montenegro has been done for centuries, and this tradition is one of the most preserved traditions in Montenegro. Almost every house in the southern and central region of Montenegro produces their own home-made wine, for home, friends and celebrations. Many restaurants also offer homemade wine, which of course cannot compete with with serious wines, but rest assured that this wine is 100% organic, unfiltered and the highest quality that can be obtained without high technology used in today production. So homemade wine is fermented grape juice, simple as that. You will find only red home-made wines in the offer as white wines are a bit more complex to be made and are produced only by wineries. When you have a glass or two, do not be surprised to see completely black teeth and lips. That will be a clear sign you have been drinking pure wine.


Modern winemaking in Montenegro is increasingly represented as industry branch. The state itself subsidizes wine producers because of potential for making high quality wines as well as the potential of Montenegrin terror. The climate and the soil are in perfect harmony for the cultivation of the vine, and this is confirmed by the scriptures which show that the ancient Romans also cultivated the vine in our region.

In addition to the presentation of individual wine labels, we will present a couple of wineries that are more then worth visiting. There you can learn more about local vine grapes, vineyards, production process, aging of wine and finally enjoy wine tasting and local gastronomic specialties.

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