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The Legends of the Kotor Bay

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We present to you a Guide to Kotor Bay - legends of the Boka. Eager to discover what treasures the Boka hides.

Some time ago we’ve decided to do something different than we usually do, and answer the questions on the Internet that the world has been asking about Montenegro - what to see in Montenegro, where to go, stay, eat, etc.

It is true that we are one of the leading rent a car and taxi services in Budva and Montenegro but in order to fully serve our customer base, we knew it was time to provide something more than excellent rent a car service and taxi transfers.

So, we decided to approach the mounting questions with the only visible solution - a marvellous guide for the road trip through Montenegro. Exciting, right?

That brings us here, having set out the Road Trip itinerary and written our first Guide to Budva, we are taking you to the Bay of Kotor.

We are almost certain that you have heard that the Bay of Kotor has got a history, beauty, and charm only seaside villages and medieval towns can have. With astonishing sea sights and lovely islands rich with culture and history, the Bay of Kotor guarantees a fun day for exploring.

Kotor Montenegro

There are wonderful sights to relinquish, charming little pebble beaches hidden from the plain sight, great restaurants that serve the most delicious traditionally prepared seafood, and quaint cafes where you’d love drinking your morning coffee or spending your afternoons at.

But, once you get tired of the already-seen tourist guide tours through Kotor Bay, let us take you on an adventure through time, when the glory and fame of Kotor Bay and hop on to historical escapades through the Bay with us!

We present to you The Guide to Kotor Bay - adventurous edition.

By now we assume you had jumped in your rent a car in Budva, and are headed west. Now, there are a few adventure paths you might want to take.


Legends of the Kotor Bay

Kotor Bay Montenegro

If you would rather go on a treasure hunt down the history lane, you’d be delighted. The Bay of Kotor, besides its stunning beauty, is also known for its stories. Until the 20th century, this area was under the influence of Venetians and the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It thrived in culture and wealth, so it is not at least surprising to know of stories or come across secret maps of hidden treasures in the mountains that guard the towns of the Bay of Kotor.

We recommend you begin your journey through the 32 km of the Bay of Kotor by visiting some of the many palaces of the Bay represent much more than Baroque buildings and rich decorations of one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

These buildings stand as the witnesses of the time when venturing out in the world represented long and a risky adventure. Each stone or the decoration on the balconies and windows preserve the memory of the brave sailors and captains from the Bay of Kotor and their families. All the tempests, pirate attacks and years on the open sea, brave captains endured all with the thought that they will return to their families in the Bay.

Their family palaces were the reflection of honour, dignity and success. Touch the walls and step into the premises of these architectural pearls hiding the other side of the history - personal stories of love, waiting and trepidation. The stories of life on shore and at the sea.

We are sure you have heard of the famous Romeo and Juliet tragedy? Many of these palaces hold hidden stories within their walls, just like Romeo and Juliet’s, and it up to you to discover them.

Here a taste of the stories waiting for you to discover them.

Tre Sorelle - The Legend of Three Sisters

The bay of Kotor Montenegro

The stories of unhappy love were woven into some of the most beautiful stories of the world literature, that stand as inspiration for numerous movies, poetry and music. But what is often forgotten is that these stories belong to a time and space, and stand as the monuments of love and devotion. Such is the story of the Bokelian palace of Tre Sorelle (Three sisters) in Prcanj, which is linked to the legend of the same name.

The Legend of Tre Sorelle is a story about three sisters who gave all the love of this world to one man, never living a day of love for whom they have devoted their whole life.

Depending on the source, Filomena, Grazia, and Rina, or Nera, Bianca, and Rina were widely known for their beauty, honesty, praise and worth. Being daughters of a wealthy man, they enjoyed a good life. All three of the sisters fell in love with the same man, the young captain from Herceg Novi.

The legend says that the young captain of the extinct nature could not decide which of the sisters he liked the most, so he resolved to take his boat on a long voyage so he could make the decision and clear his head. He decided that the sister, who would wait for him until he came back, would become his wife.

The sisters waited patiently, always looking from the windows of their rooms, following each ship and sailboat, hoping that one of them would bring the young Captain, the only man to whom they gave love. As time passed by, the youth withered away, while the sadness and desires created wrinkles on their faces.

The sisters agreed that once one of them died, the others will close her window, so when the young Captain returned to the Bay of Kotor, he would know, that she has died and no longer waits for him.

The sisters waited until the old age, and when the youngest sister died, there was no one to close her window and it remained open.

Even though it is not a museum but a private property, the palace of the Tre Sorelle stands today as one of the testaments of time in Prcanj.

Our Lady of the Rocks - an islet known as the lucky charm

Lady of Rocks Kotor Bay

This island across Perast was artificially built by the constant depositing of stones and sinking of old boats around the reef which used to exist there. According to a legend, the sailors found an icon of the Virgin with a Child on a rock in the middle of the sea in the mid-fifteenth century. That is the origin of the name of the island - škrpjel, which is an old name for a sandbar. In order to show gratitude, coming back from distant voyages, sailors brought gifts and the most expensive objects from all around the world as a tribute to the Lady. The church was built back in 1630, while the one existing today was developed to the greatest extent after about thirty years. Its sanctuary was destroyed in the great earthquake which hit this area in 1667. The church consists of a ship and a chapel domed in the Byzantine style. Its interior is decorated with a large number of works of art of the famous painter Tripo Kokolja.

Richly gifted in honour of sailors protection, Lady of the rocks is also the guard of the valuable embroidery work a woman from Perast, Jacinta Kunić was making for 25 years waiting for her husband to come back from distant voyages and not losing hope that she would see him again. It is said that, besides the gold and silver threads, she used her own hair strands in the embroidery.

Another interesting fact about the church is related to the period of the end of World War I, when the defeated Austro-Hungarian Empire, withdrawing from Perast in 1918, took 28 church bells. One of them was the bell from the bell tower of the Lady of the Rocks, which Austrian officer took to Graz, but he did not allow for that one to be melted into cannonballs, as was the case with the remaining 27. Instead, he kept it in his house, and his grandson returned it to Perast a few years ago.

Take a boat in Perast, after you have had a coffee or lunch by the sea in Perast, and head towards the island.

People from the Boka Bay known as the Bokeljs, highly enjoy reviving traditions from the past. In this area of Montenegro, great attention is paid to details and festivities that reflect the past times. The ceremony in honour of the discovery of Virgin Mary’s icon on a reef and the beginning of the island construction is held on July 22nd in the late afternoon, at the time when it is believed that the famous icon was found.

On that day, in colourful boats decorated with maple branches, greenery and filled with rocks, the local people set towards the island. Men, wearing the national costume of the famous Bokelj navy are in the first barge, rowing and singing old songs of Perast. All the boats are connected to each other, and they form a circle once they are at the entrance to the island in order to hug the island. It is at that point that they throw big white stones into the sea around the island since it is believed that in that way the Lady will never sink.


What else is there to do in the Bay of Kotor?

kotor montenegro

There are many stories like this one, but if you enjoy the other form of the past time, we recommend spending your time in the town of Kotor or visiting Porto Montenegro in Tivat.

You could always go sunbathing or swimming in the Bay, taking a boat ride to the Island of Flowers or Island of St. Marko.

If, however, hiking is more to your liking, you could hike up the mountain via the old road to the Royal Capital Cetinje. This path was used until the cars came around. The hiking paths are well marked.

Whatever you choose to do, we are sure you will enjoy your time in the Bay.


Until the next time!


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